We invite you to see just what makes our school unique.

Our virtual open house offers a school tour and welcome video from our principal, Marty Freel, and school staff along with grade-specific live and virtual information/Q&A nights. Learn more about our teachers in the bio section and check out what St. Jude families have to say about why they love our school. Please take advantage of virtual meeting requests with St. Jude staff and let us know if you’d like to schedule an in-person school tour. We know you have many excellent school choices in the area and that choosing the right school for your child is a monumental decision. We hope to show you what makes St. Jude The Apostle School exceptional.

“It just felt right-it felt like home”.

These are the exact words my husband and I both spoke after we toured St. Jude School back in 2018 when our oldest son was entering Kindergarten. The school environment felt so warm and safe, so full of excitement and joy–it was almost palpable! We knew without question it was the place for our family. St. Jude provides a top notch, faith-based education and instills a love for Christ and love for others in the children. One of our favorite things about the school is the tight-knitted community and familiarity among the families at the school. People care about one another and look out for one another. The staff and all the teachers are incredible and our new principal, Mr. Freel, has already demonstrated in his short tenure that he is willing to work hard to do what’s best for our children! When you become a part of the St. Jude family, you aren’t just a name on the roster or another face in the crowd; you are a valued member of this wonderful faith-based community and quite simply, you’re home.

-The Drew Family, Kindergarten & Second Grade

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Why Choose St. Jude School?

At St. Jude’s we strive to provide a well-balanced Catholic education, committed to individual needs where successes are celebrated. We take pride in shaping our students to one day become loving parents, caring partners and friends, and inspiring work colleagues. We believe in the educational journey, embracing our Catholic values of compassion and dignity, as we remain committed to our mission statement of ‘forming young children in the image of Jesus’. By providing an academically rigorous curriculum while guiding our students with a strong moral compass, we encourage children to aspire to greatness in all their endeavors.

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Guiding your student on their educational journey.

  • Enjoy a Faith-Based & Trusted Small School Community
    Our students experience a nurturing, spiritual and positive atmosphere where parents and staff sincerely care for each other and their families.

  • We Celebrate Achievements & Grow From Mistakes
    We work hard to know our students well, tracking their progress regularly. When appropriate, teachers intervene, celebrating their successes and encouraging a learning from setbacks.

  • Learning in an Innovative Environment
    We provide consistency and structure with regular school-wide evaluations for continual growth in our systems and practices. Current and innovative technology practices are implemented in all of our classrooms.

St. Jude School Values

Recognizing the importance of the family and that parents are the primary educators of their children, our school provides a complementary formal education. With the support of the school community, St. Jude’s endeavors to instruct the whole child, fostering spiritual, intellectual, psychological, social, aesthetic and physical development.

With St. Jude as our guide and believing that the children are the future of the Catholic Church, we state our MISSION as….forming young people in the image of Jesus.

At St. Jude, we are committed to creating a culture where students feel safe to be themselves and are are confidently supported by others. We believe parents, teachers and the school community can collaboratively support students by sharing the responsibility to unlock their greatest academic potential. St. Jude’s is fully invested in each and every child that attends our school.

Through our Christian Service program, we show our students how to “love thy neighbor.” We also get involved, with our students, in the community beyond the school.

Each grade is responsible for outreach events and drives, such as collecting necessities for the troops or school supplies for less fortunate students. In addition, every grade has a thematic area of responsibility around which a class activity is planned. For example, Kindergarten’s mission is “Protect the Planet” and in previous years, students cleaned local beaches or state parks. First grade focuses on “Caring for Kids” and second grade embraces “Vocation Appreciation.” Third grade puts its emphasis on “Embracing Wisdom,” fourth grade on “Love Thy Neighbor” and fifth grade acts as “Helpers for our Heroes.”

Junior High students are required to earn Christian Service hours and can do so through a variety of charity drives and parish events. Significantly, Junior High students (with the assistance of their parents) prepare and serve home-cooked meals every other month to the local homeless population.

The faith formation of the students is achieved not only through formal instruction, but more importantly, through services, relationships and participating in Mass and sacramentals of the Church. Students learn the doctrine of the Church and how they can apply their faith to their daily lives and relationships. Faith formation is not just limited to Religion classes; it is woven into all aspects of the curriculum, particularly during Literature, through the stories and novels read, and Social Studies. A strong component of the program for the students is community outreach through various service projects.





Forming Young Children In the Image Of Jesus